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hint: ducks are flat-chested

18 March 1977
alternative lifestyles, ancient egypt, animals, anti-tmi, anticipation, appreciating the divine, art, astronomy, backpacks, bare feet, beauty, being teased, bisexuality, body art, bondage, books, breastfeeding, buddhism, buffy, cats, celt, cirque du soleil, collars, compersion, computers, consent, cooking, creation mythology, creativity, daily ritual, dancing, danu, dark chocolate, deadpan humor, digital photography, discipline, diversity, dominance, donna tartt, dreams, eddie izzard, erotica, ethical hedonism, ethical sluts, ethical sluttery, extended nursing, faith and the muse, fantasy, feminism, fetish, fionavar, firefox, flirting, folk, food, games, geek love, geeks, goddess worship, google, green, group sex, guy gavriel kay, hedonism, history, honey, hugs, humor, independent women, information, intelligence, kindred spirits, kink, knee-high boots, knitting, laughter, lazy mornings, legends, lifestyle, lightning, literature, long hair, long skirts, love, math, mind sex, motherhood, movies, music, mysticism, mythology, myths, nature, no underwear, occult, oral sex, paganism, parenting, passion, photography, photoshop, pleasure, polyamory, polyamoury, polymer clay, psychology, rain, reading, religion, responsible non-monogamy, restraints, rocky horror picture show, rule-based sex, safer sex, sarcasm, science, science fiction, science fiction/fantasy, scifi, scuba-diving, seduction, self awareness, sensuality, sex, sex talk, sexual ethics, sexual experimentation, sexuality, silk scarves, singing, smart people, spooning, storms, submissive, tao, tea, teasing, technology, temptation, the secret history, theatre, true honesty, urban legends, vampires, voyeurism, waterfalls, wikipedia, writing